Edward and Arthur

Build Cars with Edward and Arthur

September 25th, 2012

In this game for iPhone/iPad your child can create thousands of unique, crazy and fantastical cars and then test-drive them on the race track.

Nice 3d-rendered graphics and sound make the cars look and feel like real miniature cars and depending on what parts you use the car will behave different when driving. You’ll need better tires to splash through mud, bigger engine to go faster etc.

While playing you’ll collects stars, that unlocks more car parts, and even additional race tracks!

This game is awesome for kids 3-7 years old, and is available for iPads and iPhone 4 and above.

Below is a video showing the gameplay:

Here is a link to the game on App Store

Hope you like it!


We have now updated the app so it should work just fine on iOS 6. Including some other bug fixes as well.

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The game is also one of ten new children apps added to the AppStar picks app.

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May 12th, 2012

KinderAppGarden.de gave the game 5 out of 5! Read the review here (in German).

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May 4th, 2012

The site Best Apps for Kids has written a detailed review of Build Cars and awarded the game with 5 out of 5!

The UK site Apps Playground gave the game a very nice preview, we are looking forward to a full review!

The Danish site Mors Apps recently gave the game a short but very positive review.

Swedish MacWorld has written a short positive article on the game.

The leading child app site in Sweden pappasappar.se just reviewed Build Cars with Edward and Arthur and gave it a score of 5 out of 5! You can read the review (in Swedish) here